School Ambassador Program

The MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador program aims to identify and recognise a teacher in each Australian school who is committed to ensuring their students have every opportunity to get involved in cricket. The School Ambassador can be a principal, sports coordinator, classroom teacher, parent, guardian or grandparent.

Each School Ambassador will receive:

  • MILO in2CRICKET Sticker Stumps
  • MILO in2CRICKET Bat  (x2)
  • MILO in2CRICKET Ball (x2)
  • Professional development opportunities

What is the role of the MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador?

The School Ambassador is asked to:

  • Be the contact person for cricket in their school
  • Assist in arranging opportunities for their school to be involved in clinics and competitions
  • Distribute information about upcoming cricket programs.

How do I register?

To become the MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassador, fill in the application form below.

Hear what MILO in2CRICKET School Ambassadors are saying about the role:

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To apply to be the School Ambassador, select or highlight the school from the below list, and click Apply.

Schools listed in red have an existing School Ambassador but you can still register as a School Support Contact and receive email updates on the in2CRICKET program. Simply select the school and click apply.

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