Frequently Asked Questions

How does my club sign up to run the MILO in2CRICKET Program?

Contact the MILO in2CRICKET Help Desk on 1800 CRICKET (274 2538).

Can both boys and girls participate in MILO in2CRICKET?

The MILO in2CRICKET Program is suitable for girls and boys. 

Is my club insured?

Yes. All MILO in2CRICKET Centres and participants are insured once they've registered to take part in the program.

What age do the players have to be?

The MILO in2CRICKET Program is designed for kids starting out in cricket. The program is based on ability rather than age, but it attracts roughly five to eight year olds.

Can parents help out?

Absolutely! Parents are encouraged to get involved in the fun activities with their kids and assist their MILO in2CRICKET Centre Coordinator. No prior knowledge of cricket is necessary. 

Find your nearest MILO in2CRICKET centre and register