Frequently Asked Questions

How does my club sign up to run the MILO in2CRICKET Program?

Easy! All you need to do is log into MyCricket, navigate to the MILO in2CRICKET Centre Management area and follow the step by step instructions.

For ease of reference, please click <here> to download the MILO in2CRICKET Centre activation process (insert link to MyCricket when active).

Alternatively, you can contact your local State/Territory Cricket Association, or Cricket Australia on (03) 9653 9999.

Can both boys and girls participate in MILO in2CRICKET?

Of course. The MILO in2CRICKET Program is suitable for both girls and boys. At this stage of their development, the physical attributes of both boys and girls are much closer than they become in later years.

What equipment does our club need to provide?

To purchase equipment for your centre, please visit

Is my club insured?

Yes. Under Cricket Australia’s National Club Risk Protection Program, all MILO in2CRICKET Centres are fully insured against participant, volunteer and coordinator injury.

What age do the players have to be?

The MILO in2CRICKET Program is designed for girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 10.

Can parents help out?

Absolutely! The more parents that assist the MILO in2CRICKET Centre Coordinator, the better the program experience will be for everyone! You don’t need any prior experience in cricket at all. Please see the MILO in2CRICKET Coordinator Manual for tips to get parents involved as volunteers.

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